Google unveils 2018 top global search trends

2018 has been quite the wild ride, and it isn't even over yet! Sure, there has been a lot of negativity in the news, but let us not forget -- there are many positive things happening too that simply don't get reported. The world isn't all bad.

With Google being the most popular search engine on Earth, it has the ability to offer great insight into the interests of people all over the world. Today, the search giant reveals its 2018 top global search trends.


"Every day, people turn to Search to explore the world of information on the web. They come looking for everything from news and helpful how-tos to song lyrics and easy dinner recipes. As each year closes, Google Trends data reflects not only these everyday queries, but also the moments, people, ideas, and questions that made that trip around the sun so unique. During a year of highs and lows, the Year in Search highlights all the ways people continued to search for 'good' -- and this year, it was more than ever," says Simon Rogers Data Editor, Google News Lab.

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Rogers also says, "2018 saw a number of major elections around the world -- in the U.S. the top searched 'how to' question was 'how to register to vote.' In a year when we said goodbye to many cultural icons, like Anthony Bourdain and Aretha Franklin, people searched for how they, too, could influence the next generation, asking 'how to be a good role model.' And when first responders rescued a team of soccer players from a cave in Thailand, the world was inspired -- searches for 'scuba diving lessons near me' increased by 110 percent that week"

Google shares the top search trends below. They are listed in "Top 10" format by category.


  1. World Cup
  2. Avicii
  3. Mac Miller
  4. Stan Lee
  5. Black Panther
  6. Meghan Markle
  7. Anthony Bourdain
  8. XXXTentacion
  9. Stephen Hawking
  10. Kate Spade


  1. World Cup
  2. Hurricane Florence
  3. Mega Millions Result
  4. Royal Wedding
  5. Election Results
  6. Hurricane Michael
  7. Kavanaugh Confirmation
  8. Florida Shooting
  9. Greve dos caminhoneiros
  10. Government Shutdown


  1. Meghan Markle
  2. Demi Lovato
  3. Sylvester Stallone
  4. Logan Paul
  5. Khloe Kardashian
  6. Jair Bolsonaro
  7. Brett Kavanaugh
  8. Hailey Baldwin
  9. Stormy Daniels
  10. Cardi B


  1. Black Panther
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. Venom
  4. Avengers: Infinity War
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody
  6. A Star Is Born
  7. Incredibles 2
  8. The Nun
  9. A Quiet Place
  10. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Musicians and Bands

  1. Demi Lovato
  2. Cardi B
  3. Daniel Küblböck
  4. Travis Scott
  5. Rick Ross
  6. 6ix9ine
  7. 山口 達也
  8. Childish Gambino
  9. 吉澤 ひとみ
  10. Nick Jonas


  1. Tristan Thompson
  2. Alexis Sánchez
  3. Lindsey Vonn
  4. Shaun White
  5. Khabib Nurmagomedov
  6. Kawhi Leonard
  7. Naomi Osaka
  8. Philippe Coutinho
  9. Conor McGregor
  10. Harry Kane

TV Shows

  1. 延禧攻略
  2. Altered Carbon
  3. บุพเพสันนิวาส
  4. मोटू पतलू
  5. Roseanne
  6. The Haunting of Hill House
  7. Lost in Space
  8. Grande Fratello
  9. Segundo Sol
  10. Bodyguard

Loss (Celebrities that died)

  1. Avicii
  2. Mac Miller
  3. Stan Lee
  4. Anthony Bourdain
  5. XXXTentacion
  6. Stephen Hawking
  7. Kate Spade
  8. Aretha Franklin
  9. Sridevi
  10. Burt Reynolds

Are you surprised by any of the trends? Please tell me which in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Natasa Adzic/Shutterstock

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