NVIDIA 'GeForce NOW Recommended Routers' program helps gamers choose networking gear

When you are an online gamer, your network connection matters -- the lower the latency the better. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a match due to a flaky Wi-Fi connection. True, gamers should try to use a hardwired connection when they can, but for many, this simply isn't possible. Renters, for instance, may not be able to run cable through walls. Instead, these gamers must choose their Wi-Fi gear wisely to get the most of their connection.

Unfortunately, choosing a gaming router can be quite the daunting task. There are so many of them on the market these days -- it is hard to tell what will truly help your gaming sessions versus what is mostly style over performance. In other words, manufacturers may try to entice shoppers with a "gaming" product that is nothing more than a design that is inspired by gaming culture. NVIDIA wants to make this experience easier, especially as its GeForce NOW game-streaming service will live and die by the stability and speed of users' internet connections. That's why today, NVIDIA launches the "GeForce NOW Recommended Routers" program.


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"The GeForce NOW game-streaming service has transformed where and how you can enjoy your favorite high-performance games. We've rolled out enhancements during its beta period to improve the quality of service from our data centers to your home. With our recommended routers, in-home network congestion becomes a thing of the past, helping to keep your gameplay silky smooth," says NVIDIA.

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The gaming company also says, "The latest generation of routers allows you to configure settings to prioritize GeForce NOW before all other data. But we wanted to make it even easier. Recommended routers are certified as factory-enabled with a GeForce NOW quality of service (QoS) profile. It's automatically enabled when you’re gaming with GeForce NOW."

NVIDIA shares the following manufacturers that will be participating in the GeForce NOW Recommended Routers program.

  • ASUS
  • D-LINK
  • Netgear
  • Razer
  • TP-Link
  • Ubiquiti Networks

As of today, there is just one router on the market that NVIDIA has accepted into the new program -- Ubiquiti Networks AmpliFi HD Gamer's Edition mesh Wi-Fi system. This is a router we featured last month, and we hope to share a review of it very soon. Consumers should hopefully see more routers added to the GeForce NOW Recommended Routers program soon. To learn more about the program or to buy the Ubiquiti Networks AmpliFi HD Gamer's Edition mesh Wi-Fi system, you can visit the page here.

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