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Within any given country, while you might have a choice of different internet providers, the speeds they offer and the prices they charge tend to be broadly similar.

UK-based comparison site Compare the Market has done some interesting research looking at the costs and speeds of broadband around the world. So prepare to be made jealous, or smug, depending on where you live.


Fastest place to be is Singapore with average download speeds of 185.25 Mbps. Iceland is second with 153.3 Mbps, followed by South Korea with114.31 Mbps. The US is fifth with 107.28 Mbps while the UK is 27th on 55.14 Mbps. Down at the bottom of the list is Brunei with a mere 15.1 Mbps.

To put these speeds into some perspective downloading an hour of Netflix would take just 16 seconds is Singapore, 28 seconds in the US and 54 seconds in the UK, while in Brunei it could take as long as 3 minutes, 18 seconds.

When it comes to cost the cheapest place to be is Israel at $13.30 (£10.29) a month followed by Argentina $15.83 (£12.25) and Turkey $16.30 (£12.61). Average in the US is $69.14 (£53.48), the UK pays £31.47 ($40.68) and the most expensive is the United Arab Emirates where you'll pay a whopping $160.45 (£124.11) a month for broadband that only manages downloads at 38.16 Mbps (1 minute 19 seconds on the Netflix scale).

You can see the full table of countries around the world on the Compare the Market website.

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