Branded calling solution seeks to rebuild trust in mobile calls

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A few months ago we reported on a study that found half of calls to mobiles would soon be scams without more effective protection measures being introduced.

First Orion the company behind that survey is addressing the problem with the launch of a new platform that gives consumers confidence in answering calls, but also helps businesses get their legitimate communications through.

The Engage platform lets businesses brand their outgoing calls with graphics to identify them as genuine. It also allows them to have details of why they are calling displayed on the phone's screen -- such as banks calling to verify credit card transactions for example.

First Orion Engage

"We are all inundated with so many unwanted calls we've stopped answering the phone," says Scott Ballantyne, chief marketing officer and global head of Engage at First Orion. "With Engage, consumers will confidently answer the phone again and businesses can effectively reach their customers, saving both sides time and money. At First Orion, our goal is to have every business call to consumers verified and branded by 2020."

Engage is now available in the United States and works internationally in over 50 countries. First Orion plans to have Engage accessible to hundreds of millions of mobile users throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 2020. The technology is being rolled out to major brands in the telecommunications, financial services, ride sharing and delivery industries.

You can find out more on the First Orion website.

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