Do you own a Kodi box? The open source home theater software runs on all manner of hardware, from Windows, Mac and Linux systems, to Kodi boxes and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

All of the many devices running Kodi have one thing in common though -- they aren’t official Kodi products, and they haven’t been made or licensed by the Kodi Foundation.


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In a bid to put the record straight, Cris Silva (h.udo) over on the Kodi website stresses that not only does the Kodi Foundation not sell hardware, it has no interest in ever doing so. In a slightly frustrated tone, born of being asked the question a few too many times no doubt, he writes:

We do not sell computers, Kodi boxes, Kodi sticks, carrot sticks or french fries. Actually, we don't recommend specific hardware, and we're certainly not interested in selling hardware. That's the manufacturer's job.

The only thing we're interested in is writing software, keeping Kodi in tip-top shape, and advising you about how to better use Kodi. We are not associated with any hardware companies, particular brand or site selling the so-called "Kodi boxes" or "Kodi sticks". There is no such thing. So, for the last time, we do not sell hardware.

Despite the tone of the message, Cris does say that the Kodi Foundation and its community "will assist you with purchasing hardware" -- not made by them! -- over on the hardware community forums.

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