Leaked Chromium-based Microsoft Edge works great on Windows 7

Back in December 2018, Microsoft announced that it would be moving its Edge browser over to Chromium, with the intent being to align its web platform with both the main web standards and other Chromium-based browsers. Microsoft also said at the time that Edge would be made available for "all supported versions of Windows", not just Windows 10.

Last week, an early version of the browser leaked onto the web, and while most people who tried it would no doubt have done so through Windows 10, it does indeed run on Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1).

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Because it’s based on Chromium, it runs very well on the older OS, although whether Windows 7 users will be interested in adopting Edge once it arrives officially remains to be seen, especially as Microsoft will be dropping support for Windows 7 next year.

Although the leaked version only runs on Windows, Microsoft has said it plans to bring its browser to macOS in the future, and with the switch to Chromium there’s also the possibility of it coming to Linux at some point, although Microsoft has yet to confirm this.

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