Zoho launches new commerce and marketing platforms

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Cloud business system company Zoho is launching two new platforms. Commerce Plus uses Zoho's customer experience, finance, analytics, and intelligence software to provide businesses an interconnected, first-of-its-kind commerce experience platform.

The Zoho Marketing Platform can support over 20 different marketing channels, including websites, social, events, text, email, ads, offline, and more.


"Businesses today are forced to navigate the technology jungle to figure out the right applications needed to run their operations -- this is no different, and can be even more challenging, in commerce," says Raju Vegesna, Zoho's chief evangelist. "With Commerce Plus, we offer one platform to run an entire commerce business, allowing businesses to focus on what is important for success. Built on Zoho One, Commerce Plus is the operating system for commerce."

The Commerce Plus platform is integrated with Zoho's Customer Experience platform, enabling businesses to offer a personalized experience to every visitor by combining information across customer touch points.

It also streamlines back office operations including order management, fulfillment tools, shipping, labels, notifications, inventory management, warehouse management, and more. Integration with Zoho Analytics delivers built-in reports and dashboards spanning e-commerce and operations, offering numerous insights straight out of the box.

The Marketing Platform is driven by Zoho MarketingHub, a new application that addresses the need for marketing coordination across the various channels of the digital world. It also allows marketers to create personalized journeys for prospects based on their different intermediate responses to the campaigns that engage them. By designing and automating these personal journeys, personalized marketing can be executed on a very large scale. Journeys map user experiences across multiple channels that include web, social, email, mobile, and event marketing.

"A typical marketer juggles several applications across multiple channels on a day-to-day basis. With every new channel a marketer adds, the process becomes increasingly complex. We offer applications for every marketing channel," says Vegesna. "MarketingHub, which is built on the same technology stack as our other marketing apps, pulls together and pre-integrates all these applications across channels, enabling marketers to focus on creating excellent campaigns instead of juggling marketing tools."

You can find out more about both platforms on the Zoho website.

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