Apple adds subscription confirmation to the App Store

Apple subscription confirmation

Apple has added a new confirmation pop-up to the App Store when users opt into a subscription using Touch ID or Face ID.

While Apple has not said as much, the confirmation screen gives users a second chance to back out of a subscription. It also helps to avoid the problem of accidental sign-ups and mitigates against apps that try to trick people into starting a subscription.


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The news was first reported by 9to5Mac after a screenshot was shared on Twitter by app developer David Barnard. When a subscription is authenticated either with Touch ID or Face ID, a pop up now appears that reads: "Confirm Subscription. The subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends".

The tweet by Barnard shows what the confirmation looks like:

There have been complaints for some time from users who have accidentally signed up for subscriptions. Apple has implemented the new system as a server-side update, so there is no need to update iOS to see the benefit, and it is something that it available to all versions of the operating system.

Image credit: David Barnard

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