Bosque is Microsoft's new open source, TypeScript-inspired programming language

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If you're thinking of learning a programming language, there are certainly plenty to choose from -- and Microsoft has just added a new one for you to consider. Inspired partly by TypeScript and partly by Node.js, Bosque is an open source language which tries to keep things simple.

Microsoft says that one of the main aims with Bosque is to create code that is simple for both humans and machines to read, eliminating "accidental complexity".


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Coming out of Microsoft Research, Bosque is still in the very stages of development, and Microsoft is keen for programmers to get involved and provide feedback. The company says that the language "derives from a combination of TypeScript inspired syntax and types plus ML and Node/JavaScript inspired semantics", so this will give many people an easy point of entry.

Introducing Bosque, Microsoft's Mark Marron says:

The Bosque programming language is designed for writing code that is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about for both humans and machines. The key design features of the language provide ways to avoid accidental complexity in the development and coding process. The goal is improved developer productivity, increased software quality, and enabling a range of new compilers and developer tooling experiences.

To simplify collaboration with other researchers and the wider developer community this project is setup around an open-source (MIT) licensed github repository.

You can find out more and get involved over on the Microsoft Bosque GitHub repository.

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