System76's USA-made and Ubuntu Linux-powered Thelio desktop now available with 3rd gen AMD Ryzen processors

Fans of Linux have long coveted System76 computers, as they come with Ubuntu pre-installed rather than Windows. After all, buying one of these computers is a great way to support the Linux community. Nowadays, in addition to Ubuntu, the company also offers its own Ubuntu-based operating system called Pop!_OS.

With the System76 "Thelio" desktop PC, even more people became interested in the company -- beyond Linux enthusiasts. Why? Because it is made right here in the good ol' USA. People that take pride in being an American often look for USA-made products (something that is getting increasingly harder to find), and System76 began filling that need.

Today, Thelio gets even more attractive, as System76 is now offering 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors. The base model, which is priced at $999, still comes with a 2nd gen Ryzen 5 2400G (quad-core). This is still a very capable chip, but not the latest and greatest.

For only about $200 more, however, you can opt for a super-new 3rd gen Ryzen 5 3600X (hexa-core). For even more money, you can also choose a Ryzen 7 3800X (octa-core) or the insanely powerful 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X. That 3900X is notable for rivaling Intel's much pricier Core i9 chips.

If you want to configure and buy your own Thelio desktop with 3rd gen AMD Ryzen processor, you can do so here. They make excellent gaming machines when configured with a Radeon or GeForce GPU.

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