Two-thirds of organizations think they'll need AI to respond to future cyber threats

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New data from the Capgemini Research Institute reveals that 69 percent of organizations believe that they won't be able to respond to critical cyber threats without AI.

Over half (56 percent) of executives say their cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed by the vast array of data they need to monitor to detect and prevent intrusion. In addition, the type of cyberattacks that require immediate intervention, or that cannot be dealt with quickly enough by analysts, have increased


These high priority threats include attacks affecting time-sensitive applications (42 percent saying they have gone up, by an average of 16 percent), and automated, machine-speed attacks that mutate at a pace that cannot be neutralized through traditional response systems (43 percent reporting an increase, by an average of 15 percent).

Executives are upbeat about the benefits of AI as part of their security strategy. 64 percent say it lowers the cost of detecting breaches and responding to them -- by an average of 12 percent. 74 percent say it enables a faster response time, reducing time taken to detect threats, remedy breaches and implement patches by 12 percent.

In addition 69 percent say AI improves the accuracy of detecting breaches, and 60 percent say it increases the efficiency of cybersecurity analysts, reducing the time they spend analyzing false positives and improving productivity.

"Organizations are facing an unparalleled volume and complexity of cyber threats and have woken up to the importance of AI as the first line of defense," Geert van der Linden, cybersecurity business lead at Capgemini Group says. "As cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed, close to a quarter of them declaring they are not able to successfully investigate all identified incidents, it is critical for organizations to increase investment and focus on the business benefits that AI can bring in terms of bolstering their cybersecurity."

There are challenges to implementing AI-based security, however, 69 percent of those surveyed admit to a lack of understanding of how to scale use cases from proof of concept to full-scale deployment. Also half of surveyed organizations cite integration challenges with their current infrastructure, data systems, and application landscapes.

You can get the full report from the Capgemini site.

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