Satechi launches 72W Type-C PD Car Charger and Apple MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you are a road warrior that spends a lot of time in the car, you know how essential a quality charger can be. Low cost car chargers from little-known manufacturers may work, but not necessarily well. For instance, I have had many cheap chargers die after less than a week of use -- sometimes within a day. Even more often, despite the listed specifications, it can't charge fast enough to maintain battery life during heavy use. In other words, even though my phone is charging, the battery percentage still goes down -- albeit slower than not charging at all.

Ultimately, I learned the hard way, when it comes to chargers, you should always aim for one made by a quality manufacturer. One such company is Satechi, and today, it launches an impressive 72W Type-C PD Car Charger. Don't worry, it also has a USB-A port. In fact, those 72 watts are shared between the two. In addition, the company unveils a new Apple MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad users.

"The USB-C port delivers a fast charge, up to 60W, to compatible laptops, tablets and smartphones. For added convenience, the additional USB-A port is ideal for charging another smartphone or tablet up to 12W. The car charger boasts a modern, brushed aluminum finish, in Silver or Space Gray, to complement any vehicle interior and match most smartphones and tablets. The charger also comes equipped with a built-in short circuit and over-temperature protection to ensure safe, worry-free charging," says Satechi.

The company further says, "To ensure the fastest charge possible, users can connect devices using the new, Apple MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable to the 72W Type-C PD Car Charger to power up Apple iOS devices on-the-go or use it on a compatible standard outlet charger for home or office use. The 6-foot cable features a braided nylon construction to provide reinforcement against damage from bending and keeps cables tangle-free. Along with its ability to charge an iPhone X up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, the cable also supports data transfer and syncing to back up files from iOS devices."

Both the car charger and cable look very premium -- I absolutely adore the brushed aluminum on the former, and the braided exterior on the latter. Best of all, they are not overpriced at all. The charger can be had here for just $29.99, while the USB-C to Lightning cable is available here for $24.99. Keep in mind, the cable is not required -- you absolutely can use the existing USB cable that came with your device instead. And yes, that includes Android smartphones -- it is not an Apple-only affair.

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