Logitech launches G815 LIGHTSYNC and G915 LIGHTSPEED low-profile mechanical gaming keyboards

While mechanical keyboards are undeniably great for gaming, they aren't necessarily the best for typing. Sure, some folks are fine to type on a traditional mechanical keyboard, but others -- like me -- prefer chiclet style keyboards, such as Apple's excellent wired and wireless variants. Why? Well, key travel and height are big issues -- I type fairly fast, and my fingers can keep up better with less effort. For some people, big clunky keys lead to typos, and even worse, joint pain.

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are a great way to merge both keyboard styles, giving you the benefits of mechanical switches but with shorter keys/switches. Today, Logitech unveils two such low-profile keyboards -- the wired G815 LIGHTSYNC and wireless G915 LIGHTSPEED. Both models feature LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting, actually -- yes, even the wireless G915. While it will cause battery life to take a hit on that model, Logitech promises 12 days of usage between charges with RGB lighting enabled -- more than acceptable. They are both super-thin and feature aluminum bodies.

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The G in the model names indicates they are "Logitech G" products -- the company's gaming brand. Yes, these are primarily designed for gamers, but when they need to do non-gaming things -- such as writing -- the low-profile nature should lead to a better experience. With that said, some people will prefer the low-profile switches (half the height of traditional switches) for gaming too.

"Both the G915 LIGHTSPEED and G815 LIGHTSYNC mechanical gaming keyboards feature Logitech G’s high-performance, low-profile GL mechanical key switches that are half the height of standard mechanical key switches for 25 percent faster actuation (versus 2.0mm actuation in standard switches) and a more comfortable typing experience. Available in choice of GL Linear, GL Tactile or GL Clicky switches to match play preferences, the tactile version gives discernible actuation for gamers who prefer direct feedback, while the linear version provides a smooth keystroke. The clicky version offers a much-requested audible typing experience with tactile feedback," says Logitech.

The company further says, "The ultra-thin, wired G815 LIGHTSYNC offers the same great style and finish of the G915 LIGHTSPEED, with five dedicated, programmable G-keys, up to three on-board profiles and Logitech G’s LIGHTSYNC RGB technology, customizable through Logitech G HUB. Additionally included is a USB cable that connects the USB 2.0 passthrough port to its own input for 100 percent power throughout."

Believe it or not, the keyboards are not largely identical other than being wired vs wireless. I was surprised to see that the switch specifications varied between the two. You can see the differences below.

G815 (Wired)

  • Actuation distance: 1.5 mm
  • Actuation force: 45 g
  • Total travel distance: 3.0 mm

G915 (Wireless)

  • Actuation distance: 1.5 mm
  • Actuation force: 50 g
  • Total travel distance: 2.7 mm

Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming provides the following statement.

These new keyboards are perfect examples of what’s possible when our award-winning designers and engineers at Logitech G push the envelope of advanced gaming technology and design. The G915 combines LIGHTSPEED Wireless, RGB lighting and amazing battery life in a sleek, ultra-thin, aluminum case that creates a new standard for gaming keyboards.

Both premium gaming keyboards are available now from Logitech directly. The wired G815 LIGHTSYNC can be had here for $199. The wireless G915 LIGHTSPEED can be had here for just $50 more. Which should you choose? Well, that comes down to personal preference, but generally, I always recommend wired over wireless. Having a cable may not look as nice, but you won't have to bother with charging a battery, and in this case, you can save money too.

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