MX Linux 19 Beta 1 is here -- download the Debian-based operating system now

Another day, another Linux distribution. Yeah, it can get a bit tedious reading about so many operating systems based on the open source kernel, so here at BetaNews we typically try to inform you about the better ones. You see, there are many garbage Linux distributions that can simply be ignored -- they are either low-quality or overly redundant. Ultimately, it all becomes noise, harming the Linux community overall. Yes, having too much choice can be a negative.

Today, a wildly popular operating system achieves Beta status, and you should be interested -- it is worth your attention. Called "MX Linux," it has quietly gained a fairly large following, topping the charts at the legendary DistroWatch. MX Linux 19 Beta 1 is based on Debian 10 Buster and features the recently released Xfce 4.14 desktop environment. So, yeah, this is fairly bleeding edge stuff, although the Linux kernel is only at 4.19.5.

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Speaking of known issues, the devs explain, "some users with Intel video chipsets may need to use 'i915.invert_brightness=1' boot code as some machines apparently have brightness values backwards in the driver. The beta will receive updates over time through the repositories, but certain items, such as the live system and some user settings defaults, will not be obvious without some user intervention."

The MX devs share the following significant package updates.

  • GIMP 2.10.12
  • MESA 18.3.6
  • Firefox 68
  • VLC 3.0.8
  • Clementine 1.3.1
  • Thunderbird 60.8.0
  • LibreOffice 6.1.5

You can download MX Linux 19 Beta 1 here. Since this is a pre-release operating system, you should expect bugs (beyond the aforementioned known issues). And yes, that includes potential data loss. In other words, proceed at your own risk.

Photo Credit: Ahturner/Shutterstock

9 Responses to MX Linux 19 Beta 1 is here -- download the Debian-based operating system now

  1. Thomas Lake says:

    Your article is OK but why is it worth our attention?

  2. Jon Robbe says:

    Journalism is dead. Most of this is copy/paste.

  3. MyDisqussion says:

    I would rather see the Download Now reserved for those distros which have graduated from Beta to General Release.

  4. Jon Robbe says:

    Journalism is dead. Delete this comment too, lol!

  5. “MX Linux 19 Beta 1 is based on Debian 10 Buster and features the recently released Xfce 4.14 desktop environment.”

    Brian finally gave the new update to Xfce a nod. Now my day is complete.

    • Stevo Pusser says:

      MX is based on Debian stable, and we packagers don't want to stray too far from the core packages it uses right now. Point upgrades in the future will have newer Mesa and default kernels on top of the Buster base to support cutting-edge hardware, just like we did for MX 18 on the Stretch base. We already have 5.2 backported kernels in our test repo if you need those, firmware in main is already a newer version than Buster has.

  6. Kenneth says:

    I've switched to MX Linux from Xubuntu as the multimedia apps are so much better and stable.

  7. Jon Robbe says:

    Journalism is dead.

  8. WinRiddance FreeJack says:

    Switched from Winblows to Linux after 18 years with Microshaft, back in 2009. Been using XFCE as my preferred desktop throughout various distributions but then settled on MX Linux since version 17 was released. To me personally, MX Linux is the pinnacle of what a good desktop that anyone can get used to, should be. The speed and the stability are astounding when compared to some of the other Distros. I even managed to install MX Linux (32bit mind you) on a 14 year old HP laptop ... and it's actually working pretty decently. I do wish that the package manager as well as Synaptic would include a few more items by default. Making it easier to install language options for the browsers would be nice too ... like integrating across the board language packs automatically when selecting a different language from the beginning of an installation.
    It may not be the prettiest or most comprehensive distro ... but it's the best one as far as I'm concerned.

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