Want a 120-inch 8K display with 5G connectivity? Sharp's got you, fam

Believe it or not, many people still use 1080p. Hell, I am writing this on an 11.6-inch Chromebook with a 720p screen. Madness, right? Not really. I mean, not everyone needs the latest and greatest. Truth be told, I own a 4K television, but I have almost no UHD content. Why did I buy it then? The price wasn't much different from 1080p sets.

While many of us are barely taking advantage of 4K properly, manufacturers are continually pushing boundaries. There are already displays that exceed UHD. In particular, you can get an iMac with 5K for instance, or if you have a spare $70,000 lying about, you could buy this 98-inch 8K Sony TV.

But why stop there? What if I told you Sharp is set to unveil a new 8K display that makes the aforementioned Sony look diminutive? It's true! Sharp has a new 120-inch 8K display that it claims is the world's largest such monitor, and it plans to show it off properly next month at IFA2019. Size and resolution are only part of the story, however, as it will also be equipped with 5G.

"Since our launch of the world's first-ever 8K display back in 2011, Sharp has continued to develop 8K products in the BtoC realm, but thanks to advances in communication and imaging technology, we are now also able to offer fresh value in the field of BtoB,” said Kazuhiro Kitamura, Business Unit President, Global TV Systems BU and Head of Europe Business.

Kitamura further says, "Currently, we are partnering with other companies to run verification tests in various fields. By working in tandem with other firms' technology, rather than promoting our own 8K offerings in isolation, we are able to foster breakthroughs and nurture 8K+5G Ecosystem across an ever-wider range of disciplines. The more partners we can bring on board with groundbreaking technological advances of their own, the more we can achieve together to enrich society and people's lives."

Does Sharp plan to sell this display to consumers? Not likely. Actually, the company particularly points to schools and museums as potential targets. Of course, plenty of businesses can find a use for such a display too. Pricing and availability are unknown, but it is way too early to expect such things.

Consumers in the USA are years away from needing a display this large, with such a resolution, and 5G connectivity. But hey, at least we know companies are still trying to innovate, and eventually, these things will trickle down to home consumers too.

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