How tablets have been embraced by business

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Until the first iPad launched in 2010 nobody knew they wanted a tablet. In the last few years though tablets have become one of the most popular pieces of kit.


Not only are tablets popular at home, allowing you to slouch on the sofa and update Facebook while you watch TV, they're increasingly being used in the business world too. Mobile device management company Scalefusion has produces an infographic looking at how and why business users have embraced the tablet.

It reveals that around 41 percent of people now use tablets. Popular uses are creating to-do lists and notes, and 35 percent of SMBs are using tablets for project management.

It also looks at which countries have most embraced the tablet and what the top challenges are when implementing tablets in the workplace. You can see the full graphic below.

Scalefusion tablets in business

Image Credit: Peter Bernik / Shutterstock

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