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Artificial intelligence is making its presence felt in many areas, not least maintaining and controlling IT infrastructure.

Intelligent automation company Ayehu is releasing its next generation (NG) IT Automation and Orchestration Platform aiming to offer more control and flexibility, ultimately driving increased productivity.

By acting as a centralized hub that intelligently automates IT service management, cyber security, monitoring and messaging, and virtual support agent workflows, the AI-powered platform reduces mean-time-to-resolution by up to 90 percent. And as the backbone for intelligent virtual support agents and chatbots, Ayehu can help IT leaders embrace the future of work. The solution can communicate and resolves tickets, issues and requests automatically. This greatly reduces, and in some cases even eliminates level one and level two support demands.

"As corporations are facing enormous digital challenges, CIOs are being required to do more with less," says Yaron Levy, co-founder and chief technology officer, Ayehu. "The NG platform automates the increasing influx of system alerts and incidents and can also potentially take care of all level one help desk requests. Our latest version gives users more options to access, create and customize the workflows they need to automate. This accelerates results and maximizes the value of automation."

Features include an activity designer giving users the option to build their own activities as an extension of the library of more than 500 no-code, pre-built activities provided in the platform. Customers can independently develop or modify existing activities in Python, C# or .net to customize the product to meets specific needs.

There's also a GitHub Community Repository that contains more than 100 of Ayehu's workflow templates, as well as source code for built-in activities. Customers can use this in conjunction with the Activity Designer to create custom activities based on existing pre-built workflows. The new community hub also provides free access to useful peer-developed workflow templates and activities.

You can find out more on the Ayehu site.

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