Turn your Raspberry Pi into a PumpkinPi for Halloween

If you need some help getting into the Halloween spirit, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks isn’t quite cutting it, perhaps transforming your Raspberry Pi into an illuminated pumpkin will do the trick.

The Pi Hut has created a programmable Halloween board that you plug into your Pi. The Halloween PumpkinPi (see what they did there?) is available in two variations.

The pre-soldered kit comes ready assembled, although you'll need to code in your own LED pattern. Alternatively, there’s a Halloween PumpkinPi Solder Kit which you have to put together yourself following this easy soldering guide. The kit includes 12 LEDs and uses a CD4017BE counter and 555 timer chip to light and rotate the LED's through a pre-defined pattern, no programming required.

The pre-soldered version costs $13.16/£10, while the soldering kit is $11.84/£9.

Both are currently in stock and available to buy from here.

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