New solution allows contact centers to collect real-time analytics data

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Data is more important for business than ever and that is particularly true of contact centers. Access to accurate data from calls and payment transactions is essential to give them a competitive edge.

Data security and compliance specialist Semafone is launching its new cloud-based Intelligence+ solution that offers real-time data as transactions occur.


Integrated into the Cardprotect Voice+ payments solution and using advanced analytical capabilities, Intelligence+ can provide customers with valuable and deeper insights into their payments platform performance. They can select to receive all their raw data from the Cardprotect Voice+ platform to define and run data reports over specific durations, from 24 hours, to 90 days and beyond, or any time period in between.

It also enables customers to add the data to their own database management system or CRM system and completely customize reports, with full flexibility to change the appearance and reporting periods.

"The last thing we wanted to do was overlap with CRM systems, and typically the CRM system wouldn't be monitoring your real time speech or DTMF tones or anything like that," says Gary E Barnett, CEO of Semafone. "It could be that some CRM systems might be able to tell you how many inbound calls you got or how many outbound, but most CRM systems are looking at things like tickets that were opened or sales opportunities. The feedback we've gotten is that customers will be very interested in combining this with CRM and contact centre, data, because it's data they've just not been able to get their hands on up to this point."

Benefits of Intelligence+ include the ability to view the percentage of successful payment transaction calls at particular times of the day, and the chance to import raw data into the customer’s business analytics system of choice, for integrated reporting with any existing data. It can offer insights into average handling times to improve call duration and efficiency. Dashboards can be fully customized to fit customer’s brand specifications. Users can also customize how long data is kept for with all information stored in the cloud.

"When you start collecting information on every call every then that really is big data, and we have no problem going out to that level of scale," adds Barnett. "Our customers can choose how long they want to keep the data, and each customer can choose a different length. So you might have one customer that, for any number of reasons, only wants to keep their data for, let's say 90 days, and you may have another customer that wants to keep their, their data for 10 years, we can very easily accommodate that."

You can find out more on the Semafone site.

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