Walmart Online Grocery gets Siri support

Walmart stores are fairly ubiquitous in the USA. The retailer sells pretty much everything too. For instance, in one outing, you can buy tires, a gallon of milk, and a pair of shoes. Are the stores the most clean or well organized? No, not at all. In fact, a trip to Walmart can feel like a journey to hell, but overall, they provide a passable shopping experience.

Believe it or not, some people do their food shopping at Walmart too, as many of the stores have full grocery sections, including fresh produce. While in Florida on vacation earlier this year, I even encountered a dedicated Walmart grocery store --- it only sold food. Walmart even lets you do your grocery shopping online (pickup or delivery), including by voice, thanks to its Voice Order feature. To make this feature better, Walmart has now added Siri support. Yes, you can use the voice assistant on your Apple device to add items to your online Walmart grocery cart.

"We are introducing a new Siri Shortcut for Online Grocery. Customers simply ask Siri to start adding items directly to their Walmart Online Grocery cart after they've paired their accounts. It feels a little like magic on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod or in the car with CarPlay. Customers build out their basket by just saying 'Add to Walmart' and then naming the product they want to add to their cart. After that, customers can place their order and Walmart personal shoppers get to work gathering the items for the customer, who can pick the order up on the way home or have it delivered right to their door," says Walmart.

The retailer further says, "We know when using voice technology, customers add items to their cart one at a time over a few days rather than shopping for the entire week all at once. Apple and Walmart make that simple by allowing users to participate wherever they are in their grocery shopping journey, on whichever Apple device they're using. Walmart Voice Order now works across leading voice assistants. Pair that with the reach of Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery, and nearly eighty percent of the country can order groceries by just saying what items they need."

Best of all, you can begin using the feature immediately. If you have an Apple device, simply visit the App Store and download the app (found here) now. Once in the app, go to the account settings and enable "Voice Shopping."

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