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Many demands have been made of Twitter: longer tweets, tweet editing and an end to trolling and abuse. The company has implemented a number of changes, but the most recent is the ability to schedule tweets.

Until now, this is something that has only been available to people using Twitter clients such as TweetDeck, but finally -- for some people, at least -- it is an option that's available via the Twitter website.

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Sadly, the much-called-for feature is something that is only being made available to a small subset of Twitter users -- for now. The experimental feature is being ported from Twitter's own TweetDeck tool, and it makes it easy to choose when a tweet should be posted at some point in the future.

Twitter shared news of the new option through its TweetDeck account:

Twitter has said nothing about how many people the feature is being opened up to, or when we can expect to see a wider rollout.

With scheduling being one of the defining features of TweetDeck, and with little in the way of concrete information coming out of Twitter, the future of TweetDeck would seem to be in question.

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