You can now get your Dunkin' coffee fix with Google Assistant

Here's the deal, folks. I'm a New Yorker, so I am, by default, a coffee expert. While Starbucks isn't terrible, it isn't great either. True coffee connoisseurs know there are only two places to get some proper brew -- 7 Eleven and Dunkin' Donuts. The former is the best for those that like to add milk/sugar themselves, while the latter is ideal for those that trust the workers to add those extras. I go to both, but generally prefer Dunkin' since they have a drive through.

If you are a caffeine fan like me, and you get your daily coffee fix from Dunkin', I have some amazing news. Starting today, you can order your coffee through Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there is a big catch.

Buried in a blog post about the holidays, Pravir Gupta Director, Software Engineering, Google Assistant shares the following news.

And, while you’re getting your last minute holiday shopping done, the Assistant can help you get a sweet treat or or a pick-me-up from Dunkin’. If you have the Dunkin’ App installed on your Android phone, just say "Hey Google, order a latte from Dunkin'," to quickly start your order.

So, what is the catch? Sadly, this seems to be an Android-only affair for now. When I tried to do this with the Google Assistant on my iPhone, the app only offered to show me the locations of nearby Dunkin' locations. The voice assistant even explicitly told me she cannot order from Dunkin'. Sigh. Hopefully one day this will work on iOS too.

Photo credit: Aaron Amat / Shutterstock

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