PATRIOT launches VIPER GAMING VPR100 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3 x4 RGB SSD

Do M.2 PCIe solid state drives need heatsinks? Need? No, but believe it or not, sticking a piece of aluminum on the drive won't only potentially extend its life, but it can make it faster too. Yes, really. You see, when these SSDs get hot, read and write performance can take a hit. And so, cooling can matter. Keep in mind though, a heatsink can prevent an SSD from being used in a laptop if there isn't enough room for it.

Today, Patriot (under its VIPER GAMING brand) is launching a new solid state drive that not only has a big aluminum heatsink, but it is very beautiful too. Called "VPR100," this M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3 x4 RGB SSD features customizable lighting and impressive read and write speeds. Does RGB lighting on an SSD really matter, though? Possibly. In some computers, the PCIe SSD can be hidden from view, making it a non-factor.


"The new m.2 2280 PCIe Gen3 x4 RGB solid state drive offers capacities available from 256GB up to 2TB. The VPR100 is targeted to deliver uncompromising speed and performance for intense gaming, overclocking, video content creating, and 3D rendering. Built with the latest Phison E12 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe controller to bring out lightning-fast sequential Read and Write speeds and OS start-up time. The VPR100 utilizes a low-profile aluminum heatshield that not only dissipates performance-robbing heat, but also brilliantly highlights the on-board LEDs making the VPR100 an eye-catching centerpiece of any PC build," says PATRIOT.

The company further says, "The VPR100 delivers exceptional sequential Read and Write performance with up to 3,300 MB/s Read speed on 1TB/2TB model and 2,900MB/s Write speed. The drive provides 4K random-read IOPs up to 700K and random-write IOPs up to 650K on 1TB/2TB model for exceptional throughput. Performance is enhanced thanks to the structure of the Intelligent SLC (Single Level Cell) caching algorithm, ensuring that data is handled quick and efficient. The VPR100 is built with the best-in-class components on a 10-layer PCB board for ensuring the best signal integration and excellent stability and an External Thermal Sensor to monitor internal temperatures of the drive and prevent the risk of overheating."

There are four capacities from which to choose --256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, priced at $74.99, $114.99, $189.99 and $369.99 respectively. They can be had from Amazon using the below links. If they show as unavailable or out of stock, don't worry -- you should be able to order them soon.

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