Apple will engrave poop (and other emojis) on your AirPods case for free

Many people love Apple's AirPods, but others think the wireless ear buds are crap. Well, now you can prove them right, if so inclined, as the company will gladly emblazon your AirPods case with the poop emoji engraved onto the front. In fact, there are several emojis from which to choose, such as a unicorn, smiling face, or a chicken.

Best of all, this service is entirely free -- when buying new AirPods, of course. In other words, those that already own Apple's wireless ear buds are out of luck.

Let's be honest though, this might be a blessing in disguise. Whenever you have a product engraved, it can hurt the resale value. After all, you might think a poop emoji on your AirPods case is funny, while someone else will find it silly.

Keep in mind, engraving for Apple devices is hardly new -- the company has offered it for several of its offerings, such as iPods, for many years. Even the AirPods case has had the option of text engraving since last year. It is merely the addition of emojis that is new today.

Want to buy your own AirPods and customize the case? You can do so here. Just click the "Personalize it for free" link. If you do decide to engrave an emoji, please tell me which in the comments below. I personally like the alien as seen above.

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