Western Digital shows off 8TB SanDisk portable SSD and 1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB flash drive

When you think of portable storage, SanDisk is a name that likely comes to mind. The brand (now owned by Western Digital) has long been producing quality memory cards and flash drives. Personally, when choosing an SD card for my camera, I always go with SanDisk. Sure, there are less expensive options, but I know from experience, when it comes to storing important family photos, you should never go cheap. SanDisk cards offer great performance, but more importantly, they are extremely reliable.

And now, at CES 2020, Western Digital is, of course, highlighting products from its SanDisk brand. There are two new offerings that are very impressive. One is just a prototype (for now), but it is certainly the more exciting of the pair -- an 8TB portable USB 3.1 gen 2 SSD. That's big capacity from such a small drive. Even smaller, however, is the Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB 3.1 Gen 1 flash drive. This drive comes in capacities ranging from 32GB to a massive 1TB. It offers dual connectivity -- USB-A and USB-C.

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"At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Western Digital Corporation will showcase new innovations in its extensive lineup of storage solutions built for every consumer use, including a demonstration of the world's highest capacity, pocket-sized, portable SSD prototype featuring a SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps interface. The company is also releasing the 1TB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C drive for smartphones and laptops," says Western Digital.

WD further says, "Continuing its legacy of technology milestones, the company will demonstrate the world's highest capacity, pocket-sized SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps portable SSD. Inspired by consumers’ desire to capture rich content and keep it with them, Western Digital continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with an 8TB SSD prototype. Combining its expertise in flash memory with skillful design, the company continues to be at the forefront of developing revolutionary solutions that keep up with and surpass today’s consumer needs."

The 8TB SanDisk portable SSD won't be released for a while -- if at all. Since it is merely a prototype, it may never see the light of the day. With that said, the design makes it look like a consumer device, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in stores eventually. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB flash drive absolutely will hit retailers later this quarter, with pricing starting at $10.99 for the 32GB model. The top 1TB variant costs $249.99, however. You can pre-order the flash drive here now.

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