Windows 10 is 'better than ever' says Microsoft, as it issues a patch to fix a major vulnerability

Today, as you’ll know, marks the end of support for Windows 7, and Microsoft is -- predictably -- keen to get as many people as possible to switch to its new operating system.

However, on a day when the software giant has had to issue a fix for a flaw in Windows 10 that the NSA says threatens the foundations on which the Internet operates, there’s something more than a little embarrassing about Microsoft boasting how its new OS "makes you and your organization more productive and secure than ever".

In a new blog post, Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 talks about how "Windows 10 uses the power and insights of the cloud to provide Microsoft’s most secure, productive experience to date".

He also says that "every business needs to stay vigilant amid the sophisticated security threats we face today" and claims that "moving to Windows 10 is an important first step" in this.

There’s no question that you will be safer on an operating system that receives regular security updates, and that clinging on to the unsupported Windows 7 isn’t a great idea in the long term.

But today’s events have somewhat undermined Microsoft’s boast about the security and safety of Windows 10 given that the flaw identified by the NSA -- which it describes as posing "a significant risk for enterprises and systems" -- doesn’t actually affect Windows 7.

Photo credit: Nestor Rizhniak / Shutterstock

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