Nyrius ARIES Pro+ can stream 1080p HD video more than 150 feet

When you want to transmit video from across a room -- or from one room to another -- you have to run cables, right? Actually, no. Thanks to wireless steaming devices, you can watch a video without much effort at all. Unfortunately, many of them don’t go very far, limiting their usefulness in some situations.

Nyrius has a new streaming device that can transmit HDMI more than 150 feet! Actually, the "Aries Pro +," as it is called, can theoretically transmit video 165 feet -- depending on the environment, of course. Best of all, it promises no lag, so it can be used with video game consoles.


"The ARIES Pro+ allows users cut the cord and easily browse the internet or stream media from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more on the best screen they have available. It allows for powerful, no latency wireless transmission of true 1080p HD video from an HDMI source. Users can send crystal clear video through walls, floors and ceilings up to 165ft away without interference from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. Streaming line of sight results in maximum range. The ARIES Po+ can be wirelessly connected to a projector or mounted HDTV without the hassle of hiding messy cables, and connects instantly without the need for software, complicated setup, or Wi-Fi," says Nyrius.

The company further says, "Videographers can use the ARIES Pro+ to stream video from drones, DSLRs and other video cameras. By adding a USB power source to their camera setup, they can freely move into tight spaces and soaring heights, while monitoring footage remotely in real time. The ARIES Pro+ lets gamers stream their favorite titles from a desktop, laptop, PS4 or Xbox One onto a TV wirelessly with zero latency, ensuring that audio and video are completely in sync. Unlike most HDMI connectors, which stream lagged versions of content in poor quality, the ARIES Pro+ does not distort, even in fast-paced games like Call of Duty."

Nyrius shares specifications below.

The Nyrius Aries Pro+ sells for $299, but is currently available for less than that on Amazon here. It can be used with any device that uses HDMI, making it great for both home and business uses.

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