Facebook will pay you for your voice recordings

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If you feel you should be able to benefit financially from sharing information with Facebook, there's some good news: the company is willing to pay you for your voice recordings.

The scheme is part of the social network's Pronunciations program, and it sees Facebook trying to improve its speech recognition capabilities. But if you're hoping to get rich, you might be a little disappointed.


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As reported by the Verge, Facebook users in the US aged 18 or over and with at least 75 friends on the social network will be able to take part in the Pronunciations program, through the market research app Viewpoints.

Users will have to utter the phrase "Hey Portal" followed by the name of one of their friends, and then repeat the process. This can be done for up to ten friends.

The Verge explains:

Facebook won't be paying much for your recordings, though. If you complete one set of recordings, you get 200 points in the Viewpoints app -- and you can't cash out in the Viewpoints app until you earn at least 1,000 points. That only translates to a $5 reward via PayPal. However, Facebook says users may be offered the opportunity to make up to five sets of recordings, so there is the potential to meet that 1,000-point goal and get paid.

Clearly there will be privacy concerns raised by this -- this is Facebook after all. But the company says that users' recordings will not be linked to their Facebook accounts, and that the data will not be shared without permission.

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