Netflix launches new top 10 feature so you can see what's popular in your country

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Having previously contented itself with offering up algorithm-based suggestions about what you might like to watch next, Netflix has introduced a new feature that lets you see what other people are enjoying.

New lists of the top 10 films and series let you see what is currently popular on the streaming platform. Netflix has chosen to provide top 10 lists based on country, so you'll only see lists of the ten most popular series and movies in your country rather than globally.


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Netflix has been testing these lists with users in the UK and Mexico for a few months now, and now the company is expanding the feature to more countries. In many ways it seems a little strange that it has taken so long for what would appear to be such an obvious feature to be made available, but it's good to see that Netflix is giving users another way to break out of -- or at least start to influence -- its algorithms.

Writing about the new lists, Netflix explains:

Whether you love books, music, films or TV, top 10 lists are a great way to find out what's popular. So today we're rolling out a new Top 10 feature on Netflix.

This new row -- complete with its own special design -- will enable you to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country. It will be updated every day and the position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you.

In addition to the overall top 10 list, you'll also be able to see the top 10 most popular series and top 10 films when you click on the movies and TV shows tabs.

Anything which makes it into one of the lists will also be adorned with a "Top 10" badge so you'll be able to identify popular content as you browse and search Netflix in other ways.

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