Linux kernel 5.7 to include new exFAT file-system driver

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Version 5.7 of the Linux kernel is due to land later this spring, and when it does there is quite a lot to look forward to. Additions include a new exFAT file-system driver which is great news for users.

While Linux has supported exFAT for a little while, the version that is currently support is limited because it is based on an old driver. But Samsung has been working away on an update version which will land in Linux 5.7, making it possible to work with larger media formatted using the exFAT file system.

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As reported by phoronix, the updated driver will bypass staging and will be injected directly into the kernel. The new driver will be known as EXFAT_FS, but the old staging driver (CONFIG_STAGING_EXFAT_FS) is not going away just yet. The two drivers will initially live side by side, but this will not be the case forever.

Over on the VFS repository, there are numerous additions from Samsung's Namjae Jeon showing what progress has been made by the company. The development has been possible after Microsoft firstly opened up the exFAT file system and then published a exFAT file system specification in August last year.

The updated driver will make it much easier to work with SD cards which use the file system, as is the norm for cards over 32GB.

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