Windows 10 KB4535996 update is causing sleep problems and degrading performance

When Microsoft released the KB4535996 update for Windows 10, it was supposed to fix problems with search and printing. But, as has become something of a recurring theme, the update has been causing problems of its own for users.

Myriad reports have come in of issues with sleep, BSoD errors, and a reduction in system performance following the installation of the optional update.

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While Microsoft is yet to acknowledge that there is a problem, its forums are filled with people complaining about problems with KB4535996. Those who have run into trouble report that uninstalling the KB4535996 update fixes the problem, which would seem to suggest that it is to blame.

On Twitter, one user complains about sleep problems:

And they are not alone. There are numerous similar reports to be found online. On Microsoft's Answers website, there are many comments from disgruntled Windows 10 users about not only sleep issues, but also a drop in performance, an inability to enter safe mode, boot problems and more.

With Microsoft yet to admit that there is anything wrong, the only course of action available to those experiencing problems is to uninstall KB4535996.

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