Microsoft is making it harder and harder to use a local account in Windows 10

Windows 10 boxes

Microsoft has always encouraged Windows 10 users to make use of a Microsoft account rather than a local one -- and it has been piling on the pressure.

In the US, Microsoft had already taken the step of hiding the option to create a local account during the installation of Windows 10, and now this seems to be spreading to other parts of the world. While there are undeniable benefits to working with a Microsoft account, the company appears to be reducing users' choices.

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With a Microsoft account, it is possible to synchronize settings between different computers, but there are plenty of people who prefer the old-fashioned style of account. Now, having experimented on US Windows 10 users, Microsoft is imposing the same limitations on users in Germany -- and it could well spread to other parts of the world before long.

German websites WindowsUnited and Dr Windows both report that it is only possible to create local accounts when performing an offline installation of Windows 10.

It is still possible to create local accounts in at least a couple of ways. If you disconnect from the internet while installing Windows 10, it will be easier to find the local account option -- but even then, you'll be encouraged towards using a Microsoft account. The second option is to accept that you need to sign into a Microsoft account during installation, but then you can create a local account after the fact.

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