Children are annoying, so Frozen 2 will hit Disney+ three months early

As of now, I don't have any children of my own, but from what some parents have told me, children can be wildly annoying. People keep on reproducing, however, so there must be some unseen benefit to having them. All kidding aside, I am sure most parents love and enjoy their kids, but let's be honest, it can be tedious for an adult to have to spend an extended amount of time with a child. That's why many parents love the ability to drop the kids off at school -- it gives them a break. There's nothing wrong with wanting some adult time either.

Unfortunately, due to the damn COVID-19 coronavirus, many schools are closed and parents are being asked to work from home. This is the perfect storm for parents to be annoyed by their bored children. Thankfully, traditional television, DVDs, and streaming services can keep the little ones quiet. OK, fine, to a lesser extent, I suppose reading books can help too. Knowing the pain of these parents, The Walt Disney Company is doing something extraordinary -- releasing Frozen 2 to the Disney+ streaming service three months early.

Yes, starting tomorrow, those in the USA can begin watching the very popular film on the Disney+ streaming service. Disney says it is "surprising families with some fun and joy during this challenging period." This should hopefully keep children quiet as they watch it over and over again. Those outside the USA must wait until March 17 for some reason. Oh well.

Bob Chapek, the newly appointed CEO of The Walt Disney Company explains, "Frozen 2 has captivated audiences around the world through its powerful themes of perseverance and the importance of family, messages that are incredibly relevant during this time, and we are pleased to be able to share this heartwarming story early with our Disney+ subscribers to enjoy at home on any device."

Not everyone is happy about this nice gesture from Disney, however. As you can see in the above Tweet, Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal complains that she already shelled out $20 to have the film now. The fact that it is already coming to Disney+ -- a service to which she apparently already subscribes -- essentially makes her 20 buck investment a waste.

While Stern is probably partly joking, it is a legitimate beef. Look, I am sure there are many other parents in the same boat, having bought the film while also being Disney+ subscribers. Money doesn't grown on trees, and kids are expensive. Maybe Disney can give them some sort of refund, but that is not likely.

Photo Credit: Olimpik / Shutterstock

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