You can finally buy the System76 Lemur Pro -- and if you love Linux you totally should!

Last month, we told you that System76 was bringing back the iconic Lemur Pro laptop. The company's Lemur laptops are legendary for being sensible, durable, and well balanced. In other words, the computer is a consistent workhorse that is ideal for everyday use and beyond. You can have either Ubuntu or System76's own Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS pre-installed. Best of all, it is reasonably priced too, allowing anyone to own one of the company's computers. Look, If you love Linux, it makes sense to support the community by purchasing a System76 machine.

Sadly, System76 only told us that the Lemur Pro laptop would be available in April. We had no idea of a specific date, leaving many would-be buyers chomping at the bit for more concrete availability information. I am happy to say, we now know exactly when you can but it -- today, as in right now! Yes, you may immediately trade your money for the System76 Lemur Pro.

"Extending their commitment to Open Source, the Lemur Pro contains the System76 Open EC Firmware. This open embedded controller firmware is System76’s next step towards removing proprietary code from their products entirely -- it's GPLv3 licensed code that grants you access and control over important functionality such as the keyboard, fans, and battery. The Lemur Pro also features a 180 hinge for literal complete flexibility in your work station set up, as well as USB-C charging capabilities which allows you to hook up your Lemur to an external display while simultaneously charging it," says System76.

Carl Richell, Founder and CEO explains, "With the Lemur Pro, we wanted to create a laptop that would appeal to both developers and to the broader user. The result is a 2.2lbs laptop that delivers 14 hours of battery life or more in one charge depending on your activity, truly allowing you to work from anywhere without worrying about plugging in."

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Do you have your wallet out because you are ready to buy a Lemur Pro? You can configure one here now. Pricing starts at $1,099, and that gets you a 10th gen Core i5, 8GB RAM, and a 240GB SATA SSD. For most consumers, my recommendation would be to increase the RAM to 16GB and change the SSD to the 250GB NVMe variant. These two upgrades will only increase the total price to $1,219, and trust me -- it will be well worth it.


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