New free tool makes it easy to create videos for work and education

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The current shift to remote work and distance learning has meant many professionals and teachers communicating for the first time using recorded video.

But the complex steps and costly tools required to capture high-quality presentations are a barrier to them sharing their videos with colleagues and students. Seattle-based Panopto is launching a new, free tool to help people make video presentations by simply visiting a website.

Panopto Express means anyone with a computer and a web browser can record presentations and classes that blend together webcams, screen and application captures, and other video sources into rich, engaging presentations.

It introduces a revolutionary camera framing technology called Smart Camera. This uses artificial intelligence to automatically center the video frame, smoothly following presenters who want to stand back from the camera or move around while speaking.

"More than ever, teachers need ways to keep students engaged. 'Zoom fatigue' is setting in, and employees need ways to communicate ideas and maintain personal connections with colleagues without being shackled to a live video chat. Panopto builds easy, elegant software to help anyone share knowledge using video, and today we're proud to provide this free tool to the world’s employees and teachers," says Eric Burns, Panopto's CEO.

Panopto's video management system stores videos securely, collects no personal information, and helps creators share videos exclusively with audiences they choose. To help viewers get the most from these videos, everything creators share with them is fully searchable.

"Making great-looking video is only the first half of the problem. The second half is reaching your audience," adds Burns. "Many presentations and recorded lectures don't belong on YouTube or other popular ad-supported video sites. When creators don’t want to give up their intellectual property, let ads interrupt videos, or lose control over what their viewers will see next, Panopto offers a secure, private, and professional way to share video."

The basic version comes with five hours of video storage and 100 hours of streaming per month. The are also Pro and Enterprise options offering more storage and product support for a monthly fee.

You can find out more and try it out for yourself at

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