New cloud platform helps protect against business email compromise

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Email compromise via spoofed domains or compromised accounts is a major problem. But a new cloud platform from Abnormal Security tracks the reputations of an organization's vendors and customers, and improves detection accuracy of advanced social engineering attacks.

VendorBase is a global database that gives organizations the ability to see detailed views of all vendors, including profile information, the VendorBase risk assessment score, explanations on risk scores, a timeline view of relevant email communication and security activity for that vendor.


"Our goal from the beginning is to provide the industry’s best detection accuracy of sophisticated BEC attacks," says Evan Reiser, CEO and co-founder of Abnormal Security. "Before VendorBase, organizations lacked clear visibility of the BEC risk from their supply chains. This new capability greatly mitigates this risk and makes it much easier for organizations to directly remediate and investigate BEC attacks from compromised vendors."

The platform automatically computes a risk score for each vendor by evaluating email communication across three areas: if the vendor’s domains have been impersonated or spoofed; if the vendor has been compromised; if the vendor is not legitimate or is a suspicious vendor. VendorBase also gathers reports from all customers and uses the results as part of the risk score computation, which is fed back into the VendorBase so it can be used by all Abnormal Security customers.

"Before VendorBase, ensuring that organizations had the necessary visibility of the risk coming in from the supply chain, and even from customers, required a good deal of manual effort on their side," says Rami Habal, CPO of Abnormal Security. "VendorBase automates this process, removing manual burden and providing insight into which vendors are known risk vectors. This makes it simple for our customers to mitigate risk that otherwise would have been unknown."

You can find out more on the Abnormal Security site.

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