Apple is still making customers sit on wooden boxes for some reason

Only once in my life did I own a Mac, and the damn thing broke. In 2016, I purchased a MacBook Pro (which I have since sold) and the display started having lines go across the bottom. Long story short, I brought the laptop to a local Apple Store for service and it was fixed. When I got there, they checked me in and walked me to a wooden box and told me to have a seat. Wait, what? I spent $2,000 on a laptop from one of the richest companies on Earth, and I couldn't get a proper chair? I chose to stand instead.

Fast forward to today, and Apple announces the opening of a new physical store in China. This new store replaces the company's original Apple Sanlitun and is twice the size. Apple boasts about how great the store is, but strangely, it shared the above photo of people once again sitting on wooden boxes. What the hell is going on here? Why does Apple hate chairs?


Apple shares details of the new store below.

The new store features many of Apple’s latest retail design updates, including a Forum, Viewing Gallery, and Boardroom. The Forum will be the future home for Today at Apple, where the store will host some of Beijing’s greatest artists, musicians, and creatives who will showcase and teach their process. The Viewing Gallery, situated within the grand upper level, offers a stunning vantage point for the lively outdoor square. Local businesses and entrepreneurs can get personal advice and guidance from the Apple team in the store’s dedicated Boardroom. With more than double the space of the previous store dedicated to service and support, customers will have ample room to meet with a Genius or experience Today at Apple.

While that all sounds great, why is Apple still asking customers to sit on wooden boxes? Not only could this lead to back pain, but sitting on such a surface could be especially painful for those suffering from hemorrhoids (aka piles).

Admittedly, the boxes looks artsy and whimsical, but wouldn't proper chairs be more comfortable for customers? Hell, I know Apple is known for sometimes putting form over function, but sitting on wooden boxes is beyond absurd.

True, the Apple Stores typically do have tables and chairs as well, but those are apparently reserved for when you are finally working with the Apple "Genius." They are not for customers that are waiting for assistance.

What do you think of Apple expecting customers to sit on wooden boxes? Would you prefer to sit in a chair? Please tell me in the comments below.

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