Microsoft previews new tool to control Windows 10 telemetry

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For many people, the telemetry data collected by Windows 10 is an unacceptable invasion of privacy, and numerous tools have sprung up to give users control of just what information is collected and sent back to Microsoft. Now the Windows maker has a preview of a new tool for controlling Windows 10 telemetry data -- or diagnostic data as the company prefers to call it.

While Microsoft is eager for everyone to leave telemetry settings alone, its new tool gives some users a greater degree of control over things.

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The tool is called the Data Processor Service for Windows Enterprise, and it is currently in public preview. As you can probably guess from the name, this is not a tool that is available to all users of Windows 10, just enterprise users. Microsoft says: "Previously, enterprise customers had two options in managing their Windows 10 diagnostic data: 1) allow Microsoft to be the controller of that data and responsible for determining the purposes and means of the processing of Windows diagnostic data in order to improve the Windows 10 operating system and deliver analytical services, or 2) turn off diagnostic data flows altogether".

Introducing the new Data Processor Service, the company goes on to say:

Now, customers will have a third option that allows them to be the controller for their Windows 10 diagnostic data, while still benefiting from the purposes that this data serves, such as quality of updates and device drivers. Under this approach, Microsoft will act as a data processor, processing Windows diagnostic data on behalf of the controller.

This new option will enable customers to use familiar tools to manage, export, or delete data to help them meet their compliance obligations. For example, using the Microsoft Azure portal, customers will have the means to respond to their own users' requests, such as delete and export diagnostic data. Admins can easily add -- or remove -- Windows devices to the service using group policy or mobile device management (MDM).

If you're interested in signing up for the Data Processor Service for Windows Enterprise Public Preview, you can do so here.

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