Microsoft is making it possible to run Android apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 Your Phone app running Android apps

Microsoft has made great progress with its Your Phone, gradually adding more and more capabilities so you can text, answer calls and browse photos stored on your phone from the comfort of your computer. But now things are about to get really interesting.

The company is increasing what it dubs the "seamless connection between PC and phone", adding the ability to run Android apps in Windows 10 via the Your Phone app. There is, of course, a bit of a catch.


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The new capability is something that huge numbers of Android handset owners would excitedly embrace, and it comes about because of Microsoft's partnership with Samsung. The ability to run mobile apps within Windows 10 without the need for an emulator or complicated software is something of a dream for many people, but there is a danger that it is a luxury that might only be afforded to Samsung customers.

In a post on the Windows blog, the company explains: "Microsoft's Your Phone app and Link to Windows integration on select Samsung devices, enables you to stay in the flow by allowing you to take calls, check notifications, see photos and messages, all from your Windows 10 PC. Now, on your Samsung Galaxy Note20, you can access and interact with your favorite mobile apps directly on your Windows 10 PC through the Your Phone app".

Microsoft goes on to say:

When you launch an app, it opens in a separate window, allowing you to multi-task and saving you the time and hassle of sign-in or set up. You can also pin your phone’s Android apps to your Windows 10 taskbar or Start menu for quick and easy access, making things like checking out your social feed or ordering your lunch while you wrap up a conference call even easier, without ever picking up your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 users can now access a single mobile app on their PC, with the power and convenience of running multiple apps side by side available later this year. Whether you are working on a document, keeping up on your social media feed or simply staying connected with family and friends, everything is accessible in one place, so your flow is never broken.

The fact that this new integration was born from the relationship between Microsoft and Samsung means that it is hardly surprisingly to see it debut on the Galaxy Note 20. But it is, at this stage, impossible to tell whether such PC/phone integration will remain exclusive to "select Samsung devices" or if other companies -- and therefore more users -- will be able to take advantage of it.

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