Microsoft is looking into Windows 10 slow boot and performance problems after KB4559309 Edge update

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What's that you say? There's a Windows 10 update that's causing problems? Get outta here! Just over a month ago, we wrote about KB4559309 -- the automatic update that gives everyone the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge -- and complaints that it was causing systems to slow down.

Well it seems that it wasn't just a few isolated cases. Microsoft has now been hit with enough people complaining about performance issues and slow booting, that the company has been forced to launch an investigation. It is also asking for more feedback from anyone experiencing the slow-down problem or a general reduction in system performance.

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There are a couple of problems here. Firstly, KB4559309 is an automatic update that essentially forces Microsoft Edge onto users. Secondly, once the update has been installed, it is not easy to uninstall it if you do find it to cause problems -- in fact, the only real option is to roll back to an earlier time using System Restore.

In response to a growing number of complaints over in the Microsoft forums, one of the moderators said:

I have spoken to Missy Quarry, from the Edge team, and they are investigating this problem. However, they really need more details submitted though the Feedback Hub on Windows 10.

To submit feedback, please go to start > Feedback Hub.

You will need to click onto report a problem. Then enter your feedback/problem you are having with Microsoft Edge.

So, if your computer has been slowed down by KB4559309, now is the time to let Microsoft know about it. Hopefully the investigation will yield fruit and a fix will be incoming soon.

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