Google makes it easier to vote in the 2020 US Election

The stage is set for the 2020 US Election. We finally know the makeups of both tickets -- Trump and Pence (Republican) against Biden and Harris (Democrat). It is largely expected that the Democrats will win given Donald Trump’s horrible performance as president, but hey, you never know. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was considered the front runner, and we know how that turned out.

That’s why, if you want Joe Biden to be your next president, it is very important that you vote this year -- don’t become indifferent because you assume he is going to win. If you are a first-time voter or just someone intimidated by the voting process, I have good news. Google is making it very simple to learn how to register to vote and what is required to actually cast your ballot.

The search giant couldn’t make things simpler. If you don’t know how to register to vote, just search for "How to register to vote." Google will present you with the information on the top of the page. Sadly, voter registration is not automatic in the USA, nor is the process universal -- it can vary from state to state. For instance, some states allow you to register online, while others still make you use snail mail.

For information on what is needed to actually cast your ballot, search for "How to vote." Once again, Google will lay out the info on top. Unfortunately, this too varies from state to state. For instance, some states allow you to vote early, while some do not. You may be asked to show identification too, so you should be prepared before leaving the house.

Both of these searches will make it easier to vote in the upcoming election, which is  more important than ever. After all, America is currently in chaos due to a lack of leadership. The soul of our country is at stake this year. It is very important that you vote in November, and thanks to Google’s two new search features, there is no excuse not to.

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