New OnMail service gives you greater control over your inbox


Email has become the preferred communication medium for both businesses and individuals. But useful though it is it can be incredibly frustrating as our inboxes are clogged with spam, advertising and other unwanted material.

Step forward Edison Software, the company behind the Edison Mail app, which is launching its new OnMail service in public beta. Designed to help users control their mail, OnMail lets you choose what can enter your inbox, what mail address reflects your identity, and how your mailbox is structured. Anti-tracking technology is built in to stop invasive ad targeting efforts too.


There are four plans available including a free Personal account and three subscription-based plans for Freelance, Professional, and Business use. Paid monthly, and paid annually account plans are flexibly priced for users based on their mailbox needs.

"Every aspect of email that our Edison team has worked on for the past decade has led us to the creation of OnMail. We've worked tirelessly toward our mission of bringing happiness back to using email, and this is an email service that reflects that effort," says Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison Software. "Email has scaled beyond its original design, and OnMail is made to be what email should look and feel like in today’s world."



Features include a Permission Control feature that lets you accept or block email senders before they enter your mailbox. You can automatically block all read receipts from ad targeting attempting to monitor your email behavior, and create customizable boxes to sort your incoming messages.

There's a natural language search feature, plus an AI-based assistant that will categorize messages for you and nudge you to follow up mails that haven't received a response. Freelance, Professional and Business plans also offer the option of custom domains.

Access to OnMail's free Personal plan is currently being rolled out in waves and you can sign up for an invite on the website. It can be used in any browser, and is compatible with the Edison Mail app for iOS, Android and Mac.

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