Google gives the people what they deserve -- affordable devices and respect

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Earlier today, Google had a special product unveiling. Called "Launch Night In," the search giant showed off a bunch of new devices, wrapping up the whole spectacle in 30 minutes. It was concise, focused, and largely without surprise. Nearly everything that was "revealed," was previously leaked. And so, there is nothing to be excited about, right? Well, not so fast.

At the Google event, the company unveiled a handful of truly interesting devices -- two phones, a speaker, and even a new media player. None of them are particularly cutting edge, but they all have something in common -- value. Yes, all the products are affordable, and in these uncertain times, consumers should greatly appreciate that.

For instance, the Chromecast with Google TV is a beautiful media player (available in three colors) that can output video in 4K60. Unlike previous Chromecast devices, this comes with a remote control -- a rather good-looking one at that. How much does such a thing cost? Believe it or not, it is just $49.99. Comparatively, the Apple TV 4K starts at $179.99. Even though Apple's device may offer more on paper, consumers will obviously be more attracted to a player that comes in at under fifty bucks.

Also exciting is the Nest Audio, which is Google's newest smart speaker. It's nothing radically different from the Google Home -- it essentially does the same thing. What it does offer, however, is a better listening experience for those that enjoy music. It is 75 percent louder than the speaker it replaces, and it has 50 percent more bass too. It even has a new on-device machine learning chip to make it more responsive. And yet, despite all of these wonderful additions, Nest Audio is only $99.99

What really had people giddy, however, were a pair of 5G Pixel phones -- the first Google devices with 5G radios. While one is called the "Pixel 4a with 5G," it actually isn't just the existing 4a with 5G bolted on. It has a bigger screen (6.2-inch Full HD+ OLED), bigger battery (3,885 mAh), and different processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G). It even gets the addition of a 16 MP ultrawide lens.

The other phone is a new flagship -- the much anticipated Pixel 5. That device has a 6-inch FHD+ Flexible OLED display (90Hz), 128 GB of storage, and 8GB of memory. It has a massive 4,080 mAh battery, and in additional to wireless charging for itself, it can wirelessly charge other devices, such as headphones -- very cool. Like the Pixel 4a with 5G, it too has a 12 MP dual-pixel and 16 MP ultrawide lenses.

Just like the Chromecast with Google TV and Nest Audio, the Pixel 4a with 5G and Pixel 5 are both very affordable. In fact, despite manufacturers often charging more than $1,000 for new phones nowadays, the new Pixel devices come nowhere near that. Surprisingly, the Pixel 4a with 5G costs only $499, while the Pixel 5 is just $699.

Are you seeing the trend here? Google is treating its customers with respect by offering purposeful and well-designed products at affordable prices. The search giant clearly recognizes that during the pandemic, people are struggling financially, and this new product line reflects that. It is important to note, however, that while these are certainly no-nonsense products, they are definitely not no-frills.

Look, folks, you can buy the flagship Pixel 5, a Chromecast with Google TV, plus a Nest Audio and the cost for all three devices combined is less than many modern smartphones. You know what? You've got to respect Google for that.

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