Microsoft wants you to vote for what the next PowerToys utilities should be

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The development of PowerToys for Windows 10 has been impressive, with Microsoft continuing to add new utilities all the time. Now the company is looking for feedback from users to help decide just what it should focus on next.

Specifically, the development team says that while it currently has ideas for three new PowerToys, it only has time to work on two of them next year. Rather than making the decision itself, power users are being asked to vote, choosing between a Gif/Video screen recorder, the ability to adjust font rendering, and a tool called "Mouse without borders".

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The news of a vote was announced on Twitter by Microsoft’s Clint Rutkas. He explained that "we have resources on our team to only do two major work items" in 2021. Twitter users were then given the chance to choose between the three PowerToys mentioned above.

Really, however, it seems that there is only a choice between two as the Gif/Video screen recorder tool is already underway. So, the choice is between adjusting font rendering in Windows 10, and the OSS Mouse Without Borders tool.

The ability to tweak font rendering is described over on GitHub and sounds very much like the ClearType settings of old. On the PowerToys roadmap, the only mention of a mouse-related tool is described as a "Mac Style 'Find cursor' ease of access (shake to find)" utility. This description does not really fit "Mouse without borders" which sounds more like a utility that will make it possible to wrap the mouse cursor around the desktop so if you move beyond, say, the right-hand border of the screen, the cursor reappears on the left-hand side. Alternatively, it could be a tool to enable a single mouse to be connected to multiple computers -- we shall see.

Rutkas hasn't indicated when the PowerToys team will decide which utilities to focus on, but the Twitter poll does not have long to run

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