Top 20 VPN providers for privacy

Should you sign up for a paid VPN service? Only you can make that decision, but I do recommend them highly. Not only can they hide your activity from your ISP, but they can make you safer when using non-secure public Wi-Fi. Of course, you should avoid such public Wi-Fi networks when you can, but if you need to utilize them, a VPN is a must.

With all of that said, all VPN providers are not created equally. Free ones should be avoided at all costs, as their business models cannot be trusted. In other words, privacy and free services generally don't mix. Sadly, picking a good VPN provider can be hard, as there are so many from which to choose these days. Thankfully, has done some research on the subject, and it has shared its list of the Top 20 VPNs. And yes, privacy and security were huge factors.

"Experts at evaluated approximately 45 providers and conducted over 20 hours of research. Four key factors were considered for companies that qualified for the final list. Each provider was expected to have up-to-date security features and a vast network of servers in multiple countries. Additional requirements include a no-log policy, which prevents VPN services from recording activity and collecting personal data as well as a money-back guarantee or free trial offer," says


Josephine Miller, PR Manager of explains, "Cybercrime is a major threat, especially with so many people using the internet for work and personal business. This year, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records, so a trusted VPN service is a necessary tool for users to protect their identity, IP address, or location."

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Below are the top 20 VPN providers listed alphabetically -- does not rate them in any particular order.

Do you agree with the list? Do you have a VPN recommendation that isn't listed above? Please name them in the comments below.

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