Microsoft releases experimental PowerToys v0.24.0 with video conference mute


For utility lovers keen to live on the cutting edge, Microsoft has released an experimental build PowerToys v0.24.0.

While this is largely a bug-fixing release, it does see the addition of the video conference mute tool which allows for the instant cut-off of video and audio across all chat and video conferencing tools. This release also sees the addition of telemetry for settings.

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The addition of the video conference mute utility means that the setup process for PowerToys has changed slightly. During the installation or upgrade process, you'll now be prompted to install drivers for VideoConference Cameras from Microsoft Corporation. The new tool enables you to mute your microphone, webcam, or both, using separate keyboard shortcuts.

The changelog for this release also references "telemetry for settings", but Microsoft provides no details about this.

Clint Rutkas shared news of the release on Twitter, making reference to the video conferencing mute feature:

The full changelog and list of fixes looks like this:

Software/Hardware compatibility:

Camera overlay image:

  • image dialog doesn't work when running settings as admin

Status toolbar:

  • it shows always, even when the option to hide it is on
  • it always use the light theme
  • always open on startup even when disabled #6396


  • not all microphones are muted
  • offer option to select which microphone to mute

Settings UI:

  • settings info for hotkeys valid modifiers - #6246 (comment)
  • Fixed possible crash in PowerToys when the module is turned off

Code cleanup:

  • move VideoConferenceViewModel.cs from Settings.UI to Settings.UI.Lib
  • move toolbar out of the VideoConferenceSettings


  • add telemetry for settings

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