Emergency update for Kodi 18 'Leia' fixes internet access issue and more

While the Kodi Foundation's focus is squarely on Kodi 19 'Matrix', a technical change from Cloudflare has caused problems with its predecessor, Kodi 18 'Leia', and result is a new update which fixes this and a number of other problems.

Cloudflare’s change causes significant issues with HTTP access to any site using them, such as metadata sources and streaming add-ons. Kodi 18.9 offers a workaround for this problem.


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Although the full changelog for this build can be found here, the highlights are:

  • Work around third-party changes to HTTP2 and SSL/encryption that impacted internet access from Kodi by scrapers, streaming addons, etc.
  • Fix memory leaks in TexturePacker
  • Fix event server unable to send raw key strikes
  • Fix issues around directory navigation and incorrectly-set start directories
  • Fix MediaCodec OES/EGL rendering

Kodi 18.9 can be downloaded here.

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