Microsoft foists the Surface Duo and its chunky bezels on more countries

The Surface Duo is a pretty cool device on paper. If you aren't familiar, Microsoft essentially connected two Android smartphones using innovative hinges. Why did the company do this? Well, the goal was productivity -- having two apps running simultaneously on two displays would be great for business use (and entertainment).

Unfortunately, Surface Duo doesn't just exist on paper -- it is an actual product. And for the most part, it has been panned by critics. Its software is reportedly buggy and the hardware durability is questionable -- the damn thing develops cracks. Its bezels are large and unsightly, making it look very outdated. There are reports that the camera is horrible too.

Worst of all, its initial $1,400 asking price made it a non-starter for many consumers. Not to mention, Surface Duo's use of the Linux-powered Android operating system angered many of the Windows faithful too. Seriously, folks, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer must be rolling in their figurative graves.

With all of that said, what will Microsoft do next? Cancel the Surface Duo and go back to the drawing board? No, not that. The Windows-maker will instead bring the much-maligned device to more markets! Yes, in 2021, the Surface Duo is coming to Canada, France, Germany, and United Kingdom.

So, yeah, as of next year, the Surface Duo will no longer be exclusive to the USA. After all the negative press, however, it remains to be seen if consumers in those countries will actually buy it. If you reside in one of those countries and actually want to purchase a Surface Duo, you can sign up for availability alerts below. Those in the USA can buy it here now.

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