Celebrate 2021 by playing the secret Google Assistant 'New Year Song'

Yeah, I know, 2020 sucks. We have all seen the memes about how it has been a terrible year. Sadly, we have lost more than 300 thousand Americans to the deadly COVID-19 virus, and many people have suffered financially as a result of business shutdowns. It is terrible and tragic. With that said, at least the 2020 presidential election went well, as the best candidate, Joe Biden, defeated the much-maligned Donald Trump in a landslide victory.

Understandably, many folks are eager for 2020 to go away, and with New Year's Eve fast approaching, there are sure to be many celebrations to ring in 2021. If you want to get your 2021 partying started early, I have some great news -- Google Assistant has a secret 'New Year Song' that is absolutely adorable.

Google shared details about this super-secret song on Twitter, and it is very easy to summon. Using a Google Assistant device, such as the Nest Hub, you simply say "Hey Google, sing the New Year Song." From here, the device will sing the cute song to you. If your device has a screen, you will also see an anthropomorphic Times Square ball do a dance!


Don't have a Google Assistant device? Don't worry, you can still join in on the fun; just play the Twitter video embedded below! Is the song silly and pointless? Absolutely, but more importantly, it is fun too. You know what? That's exactly what the world needs right now.

Photo credit: Corona Borealis Studio / Shutterstock

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