Roku has more than 50 million active accounts and celebrates with a giveaway

There are many streaming boxes nowadays, such as Apple TV and Chromecast with Google TV. Both of those are great options, but they are hardly the most popular. The average consumer typically chooses different devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV or a Roku.

Speaking of Roku, today, the company announces it has hit a major milestone. You see, there are now more than 50 million active Roku accounts! This is quite impressive, as Roku is facing more competition than ever before, including smart TVs with integrated streaming services.

"Today, we shared a significant milestone for Roku and the industry. We announced preliminary estimated data for the fourth quarter ending Dec. 31, 2020, of 51.2 million active accounts -- up by approximately 14 million accounts in 2020. Additionally, viewers streamed an estimated 17 billion hours in the fourth quarter for a total of 58.7 billion hours in 2020, an increase of 55 percent year over year for the quarter and the full year," explains Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku.

Wood further says, "Roku was founded in 2002 with the mission of making TV better for everyone. Today, we are proud to be America's No. 1 TV streaming platform, by hours streamed according to Kantar. Roku is filled with smart and dedicated people who work every day to create the future of TV, with a focus on innovation and creating the best possible experience for our viewers. We celebrate this milestone with all of you."

As you can see from the below infographic, Roku is doing quite well. It seems people like Roku for offering inexpensive devices that are easy to use and set up. For instance, the Roku Express can be had for less than $30 and it comes with everything you need to get started. The reviews for the affordable streamer are overwhelmingly positive too.

The higher-end Roku Ultra sells for around $99, but the company is giving away 50 of them as a way to celebrate the 50 million milestone. Entering the giveaway is incredibly easy too -- just click here and follow the instructions!

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